The Triangle Greenways Council promotes the expansion and use of greenway corridors throughout the Triangle Region. An all-volunteer organization, it owes its existence to dedication and support from members of the public. Those members donate their time by engaging in special projects and a select few sit on the Council’s Board. The Board meets regularly to manage the affairs of the organization. The primary functions of the Council are land acquisition, public service projects, education and community outreach.

Triangle Greenways has acquired and preserved over 750 undeveloped acres.

Triangle Greenways Council accumulates land through donations and acquisitions from public and private entities and grant money. The organization’s representatives are in constant contact with landowners throughout the Triangle to facilitate the conservation of land. The process of land acquisition requires tremendous collaboration and the specialized skills of real estate professionals. For that reason, the Triangle Greenways Council has fostered a dynamic partnership with pro bono attorneys. With their counsel, Triangle Greenways has acquired and preserved over 750 undeveloped acres. Most recently, the Council has applied for and secured funds from the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund to acquire land along Raleigh’s Walnut Creek. It is also working in conjunction with the Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative Plan and the Partners for Environmental Justice.

All of the members of the Triangle Greenways Council are deeply enmeshed in their communities and involved in outreach to the public. The success of greenways in our area has been undeniable ever since it began as the thesis of a young, N.C. State School of Design graduate student. Totaling hundreds of miles around the Triangle, the Council’s work continues and will not stop until all municipalities in North Carolina have a system of interconnected trail corridors from the mountains-to-the-sea. The Council therefore conducts seminars, participates in festivals, and networks with philanthropists. The Council also coordinates with local governments to promote the placement of new trails and related facilities. As many of its members have worked for local governments, the Council has the unique ability to bring together the public and private sectors for the bettering of our communities. In the future, the Triangle Greenways Council aspires to do even more in pursuit of a better community.

Please take this moment to think about how you can better your community. Whatever your skill set, availability, or background, chances are you can do something to preserve land in the Triangle. Contact the Triangle Greenways Council, and join us in bettering the community through our unique mission.

Saving the Places You Love.